05 Days Attraction In Keylong

Day  01
Hotel Blue Pine guests will be warmly welcomed by our staff by offering white scarf (Khatag) and with welcome tea. Thereafter guests will be treated as our Blue Pine family and accommodated in their respective rooms. If  time allows, we let our guests to visit upto the main Keylong Market, District Tribal Museum and the First Mud House “Zomsa”, also its surroundings, in the evening are just a walking distance away on the first day ( acclimatization purpose).If you happened to be in Keylong and nearby just drop in “Pine Corn” restaurant for best food in the town and for shopping “K B Enterprises”.
Regional Hospital Keylong is at a distance of five min walk from the Hotel Blue Pine Keylong.
 Day  02  
Just after breakfast, a second day of  tour package begins at around 08:30 AM & 09:30 AM, with a new fresh,clean morning towards eastern side of Keylong, visiting KHANGSAR PALACE & DEEPAK TAL. Surroundings of Deepak Tal is covered with high Himalayan Ranges, has beautiful lush green area worth to have organize a Outdoor Picnic.

About Khangsar Palace

Khangsar literally means “a new home” in Tibetan and is located 15 km towards east from District Headquarter Keylong and is connected by metalled road. This Palace is over 200 years old palace lies at an altitude of 11,500 ft. Harsh weather conditions and structural damages have left the palace in a bad condition over the past years. It has a total of 108 rooms spanning four storey and still stands tall and is a heritage palace made with Mud & Wood
Since its inception the palace has served as a cultural centre for the people in Lahaul. It has a beautiful prayer hall towards the north east corner on the forth floor which is still being used by the locals.The main cultural events which used to take place within the palace were the winter and summer CHOZDPA festival. Winter TRILDPA CHOZDPA happened in March and involved masked dance of Pandavas and the summer FU CHOZDPA happened in August and portrayed the mythical snow lion and ritualistic dance. By the joint efforts of the local community and NIRLAC ( Namgial Institute of Research in Ladakhi Art & Cultural), the life of this damaged palace is being brought back in the past few years.

About Deepak Tal

Deepak Tal is a clear blue coloured lake located at an altitude of 3750 mt (12,300 ft) on Manali-Leh highway, at a distance of 43 km from Hotel Blue Pine Keylong.
It is one of the two lakes while travelling towards Baralacha La Pass and acts as a stopover for travelers travelling from Manali to Leh/Keylong to Leh or vice versa.The lake forms a perfect retreat for the riders who pass by, making it one of the best place to visit while in Keylong.
The calm water of Deepak Tal acts as mirror, reflecting the calm surroundings of snow-capped peaks. One must organize a picnic at this place having lush green surroundings, with a huge valley ahead just in front of you. This place is worth for camping and hiking. Often seen few shepherds nearby or at an high area with huge flocks of sheep and goat.
Day 03
Local Sight Seeing
Third day of tour begins with pure and calm mind at around 09:00 AM, visiting religious places like Sha-shur Monastery, Yordong Gonpa, Trilokinath Temple and Mrikula Mata Temple. All these religious places are connected with road, half an hour steep trek is needed to visit Yordong Gonpa, constructed on the slopy hard rock.
About Sha-shur Monastery
Amidst the hilly terrains of the Himalaya rests a small and quaint Buddhist shrine called Sha-shur Monastery. The literal meaning of “Shashur” is blue pine as the Monastery is surrounded by the blue pine trees.Shashur monastery is related to Gelukpa or red hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery was founded in 16th century and later restarted its construction in 17th century by Lama Dewa Gyatso hailing from Zanskar and stayed till his death.
It is at an height of 600 m (1968 ft) above the valley, built in accordance with the Mandala concept having square shaped construction with four gates containing a circle at the center. The walls of the monastery is beautifully decorated with stone coloured paintings, showing 84 Siddhas of Buddhism, five meter Thangka with beautiful silk painting and a statue of Lama Namgyal.  
Shashur monastery is a prominent Tibetan Buddhism Learning center as well, which attracts tourist from not only India but across the world.
About Trilokinath Temple
Trilokinath temple is the only temple in Lahaul Spittti District of Himachal Pradesh where both religion of Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims worship. The temple is situated at an altitude of 2760 m ( 9055 ft ) on the bank of Tunde village which is at a distance of 44.5 km,approximate one hour twenty min drive from Hotel Blue Pine Keylong, renowned for its annual three day pauri festval celebrated by both Hindu and Buddhist here in August.
Trilokinath is one of the names of the Hindu god, Shiva, meaning the “Leader of the trinity” but local tradition clearly states that it was originally a buddhist Vihara or Monastery. At the courtyard are large Buddhist prayer wheels and a granite lingam and small Nandi (bull) representing Shiva, while the ancient wooden pagoda-style temple is decorated with Tibetan prayer flags. Both
About Mrikula Mata Temple
Built at an altitude of 2623 meters over sea level. Mrikula Mata Temple is well known for its incredible design and wood carvings and is constructed in Kashmiri Kannauj design.
It is believed that Mahishasura, Maa Kali had retained a blood shed here.  This Khappar remains are retained behind the primary idol of Mata Kali here and prohibited by devotees. People still believe here that if somebody sees this khappar even by mistake, he/she will become blind.
Prior to going into the temple premises, the devotees are advised that after worshiping and darshan here, denying : “let us proceed out”. According to this, should you state this then you and your family members may suffer.
Day  04
Keylong to Chandrataal Lake :
Guests can start their one whole day tour plan From Hotel Blue Pine in the morning between  06:00 AM & 07:00 AM but not exceeding time after 07:30 AM. The distance is 106 km & three & half hour drive upto Lake Parking via Koksar & Gramphu thereafter next 15/20 min walk upto Chandratal Lake. From Gramphu to Batal is quite disturbing road, not metalled and you have another 14 km drive from Batal to Chandratal lake Parking.
One will have the best ever experience of best time of his life while driving all along Chandra River on your right side, sometimes through some small beautiful villages & green fertile lands and also having eyewitness view of enchanting huge snow caped mountains, mesmerizing oh there you are !!!
May to October is suggestive & best time to have your tour planned of  having yourself been fallen in love with nature a “ Heaven On Earth” feelings
About Chandrataal Lake:
Chandrataal lake is at an altitude of 4300 mt (14,100 ft) in the Himalayas & is on the Samudra Tapu Plateau,which overlooks Chandra River (a source of Chenab river). The lake is normally blue but changes colour with the colour of the sky and the name of the lake originates from its crescent shape and is situated at a distance of six km from Kunzum Pass.
The sweet water lake is around 1 km length & 0.5 km wide. Chandra Bhaga Mountain range forms the perfect image on the lake.
According to Hindu mythology, Chandrataal is the place where Indra, the King of Gods, came down on his chariot to transport Yudhishthira, eldest of the five Pandavas, in his mortal form of SWARGA (heaven).  Even today the Local believes the fairies visit the lake at night.
 Important Information:
  1.  Suggested  not to stop on the way except in case of natures call till you reach at Batal. Take half an hour tea break and proceed for your destination. Must leave the place last at 03:00 PM.
  2. Ensure that you are carrying woollen gloves, warm jacket, warm cap covering your whole head, uv protected sun screen & some eatables and bottled water along with you.
  3. Do not ever rush or walk fast in excitement, follow the rules and walk slowly to retain oxygen & maintain your energy level.
  4. Avoid staying overnight in case of dizziness, acute short of breath & hazy vision.
  5. Try not to litter waste here n there while your stay and keep the area clean as it is.     

Drilbu-Ri Kora (4500m) : The Bell Mountain of Lahaul

Drilbu-Ri Parikarma ( One Day Hiking )
If the landscape of Lahaul is believed to be a Mandala, then the Drilbu Ri Mountain would be it’s center. Three great rivers Chandra, Bagha & Chinab forming the external corners of the Mandala whereas the circular periphery guarded by Guru Ghantal Gompa, Kardang Gompa, and Sila Caves.
Drilbu ri Parikarma is performed from Mid July to October end can be accomplished either starting from Keylong or can be fulfilled from Kardang Monastery.The journey starts at 04:00 AM from Keylong and will reach at the top of Drilbu Peak at around 10:00 AM. Or guests either will choose easy option by picking them up from The Hotel and carried them to Kardang Monastery where at least two & half hour journey is saved.  Local believe that the uphill climb upto the top of Drilbu peak must be completed before sun rise otherwise the strong fumes of Herbal bushes on direct sun rays may cause dizziness and stomach upset. Drilbu Parikrama (kora) can be performed either along the outer periphery (Rangcha Gali Pass) or one can get really close to the mountain and circumambulate it along it’s base but this has been prohibited now due some religious reason.
I guarantee, at its top you will be amused and lost,as  its a whole new world from the top, never feel like going back leaving this beautiful place behind. The top of the world “ Bell Mountain of Lahaul” two long lost lovers namely Chandra and Bagha running wild and free to embrace each other, a massive mountain range (Pir Panjal) chasing a newly born river like a mother follows her child. That’s when you realize that you are standing right at the center of this beautiful spiritual phenomenon.
Down hill trek will take at least another two and half hour to reach Gondhala where you will find a vehicle is waiting and welcoming you for your a spiritual, holy & pure successful hiking.


The word Drilbu finds it’s origin in Tibetan Buddhism. A drilbu (Bell/Ghanta) is a buddhist ritual object which is often used in conjunction with a Thundebolt (Dorje/Vajra). Drilbu represents wisdom whereas vajra held in right hand represents method. Together, these two represent the perfect union of wisdom and compassion. It is believed that a person should aspire to achieve union of all dualities: bliss and emptiness, compassion and wisdom, appearance and reality, and male and female, which in simplified terms manifests enlightenment.
That’s the Buddhist Version of story. There’s another story that talks about marriage of Shiva and Shakti. The mountains surrounding Drilbu have a visible yellowish streak in the middle that forms a wave like pattern. This yellowish wave travels all the way from Drilbu Ri to Manimahesh Kailash. Lahauli’s believe that the Baraat (Marriage/Partyof Shiva-Shakti traveled along this path towards Kailas.